Starscape Photography Course

Ever wanted to take pictures of the Milky Way and the stars?

Join us at the Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory for an evening and take part in our Starscape photography course.

Starscape photography is the art of taking photos of the landscape with the amazing night sky!

This course will teach the basic techniques for taking breathtaking starscape photos using your own DSLR camera.

This 6 hour course is aimed at beginners who have only recently started using a DSLR camera and are looking for an exciting introduction to Starscape photography.

Your course will begin with a 2 hour lesson on the basic settings of your camera and the techniques for taking photos of the Milky way and surrounding stars. You will learn how to control your camera manually and examine the effect of different lenses on the composition of your photos.

After dinner in our Cafe you will head out to the surrounding facilities and bushland to get some hands-on experience taking Starscape photos from various locations.

The final part of your course will be an introduction to the basics of processing your images using Lightroom and Photoshop. This is what really draws out the magic of a Starscape photo.

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PLEASE NOTE: You will need your own DSLR camera & lens (Canon, Nikon, Sony etc capable of manual modes) and a Tripod. Both are essential and we cannot loan out equipment. Please contact us at bookings@gravitycentre.com.au or call on (08) 9575 7577 if you have any questions on the suitability of your camera for this course

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